Monday, March 5, 2012

what the dog did

so yesterday i went outside and found this


my first thought was that i'd left something out for her accidentally. like last week when i left my wallet outside on top of the bins (doh!) and she ATE my savings card.

thankfully, we found a handwritten birthday card with the corners chewed off that revealed the whole mystery


the torn beanie and fairy floss (which maddy obviously LOVED, by the way) was meant to be a birthday present for the little girl next door, but the postie delivered the package to the wrong house. bad times.

luckily, we were able to replace everything, right down to the exact same wrapping paper, by examining the tags and remains. everything had been brought from the one shop. (thank GOD!)

her parents thought the whole thing was hilarious, and thanked us over and over for replacing everything.

we rung the post office and told them not to drop off any packages- even ones actually meant for us - ever again!

all's well that ends well :)

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