Saturday, February 18, 2012

things you should do

you should....

1. read this book.

because it's hilarious, and also because it's smart. my favorite part is where the moirs explain that all boys start off as baby girls, until partway through the pregnancy when an ocean of testosterone washes away neural connections between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. seriously? boys are missing parts of their brain? who knew? this also explains why boys often can't do as many things at once - it's because they are always using exactly one half of their brain at a time, instead of both. on the flip side, it means they can concentrate better and achieve more in a narrower field. next time my brother-in-law asks how my sister and i can carry on three conversations at once, i'm going to explain that its because an ocean of testosterone never washed away all our vital neural connections

2. make coconut ice

if you have a sweet tooth like me anyways. it's really easy but as you can see mine turned out super crumbly. next time i will add more copha :-) aside from that, its the easiest thing in the world. mix two parts icing sugar to one part shredded coconut, dig a well in the middle & add 1-3 egg whites, plus a drop of vanilla essence. mix it all in with melted copha (i used 125 g, more next time). its easiest to mix it with your hands but you WILL make a mess. unless you're my mother and you never make a mess :-)
next, smooth out half the mixture into a greased pan, & colour the other half pink. smooth out the second layer, leave it to set for a half hour, and you're done. takes about five minutes to make a whole heap.

2. go for a walk. every day.

not to be preachy or anything... ;) i used to wish i could be the kind of motivated person who goes for a walk every day. then i got this biggish dog who lives in a smallish courtyard and goes crazy if she doesn't get her walk(s). but i seriously love it. we see such pretty things. like these spiders webs. aren't they lovely?! we've also made friends. their names are jack and bear. jack is human. bear is canine. whenever maddy and i set out, she whines if we don't head towards the oval where she knows jack and bear might be. jack is a bull terrier and almost as crazy as maddy. they jump and growl and chase each other. its all a bit scary really, but when they get tired they snuggle up together so we know they're mates. its a shame they got their bits cut off 'caus i think they'd make cute babies.

4. some uni work.

.... or is that just me?

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