Wednesday, February 15, 2012

names like roses. because the name of my blog shouldn't matter as long as it reads sweet.

this year it looks like a lot is going to change. i have always wanted to keep a journal, and have been sort of good at it, but i've never seriously tried keeping a journal that is open to and of some use for those interested enough in me to take a peek. (hi, mum!)


it seems sort of fun and this way, i can update all my friends who live overseas and sprawled across oz at once.

i spent the last three days with friends in the cute city of newcastle. i've heard people say that australians aren't very good at hospitality. i don't doubt it, but i think an exception needs to be made for the people of newcastle.

i stayed with the mackay family, and they treated me very, very well. one night they served a delicious dinner with prawn cocktails, white wine, and a dish made from
chicken, camambert cheese, and cranberry jam. yummy!
i loved it. i also loved catching up with some friends i met over a year ago at nextgen.

this is candace.

she is an opera singer, and kind of a walking juke box. she is amazing.

i caught up with emma, who has recently brought her
own little house and is busy rennovating it. she came home from night shift in surgery, and cooked breakfast for my friend sam and i - including bacon and eggs, hash browns, toast, and tea. it was perfect! emma is a natural hostess, even while she's exhausted and entertaining in a not-quite finished home. sadly, i forgot my camera so i have no photos :(

nor did i take any pictures of bron and paul, who i also met last year at nextgen. as a matter of fact they met each other last year at next gen too and now they are married! i couldn't have picked it but they make an awesome couple. they gave us a tour of their home, which is an old courthouse. jail cells, docks, and jury seat included. it is one of the most interesting and beautiful houses i have ever visited.

sam was my official tour guide, and showed me all the important sights in newcastle. beaches, beaches, and more beaches. plus a whole lot of restaurants, many many ships, and some magnificent old church buildings. newcastle would be perfect if it weren't for the mozzies. ouch! thankyou, sam, for showing me around :) i had so much fun!

just look at that sky and sea! (yeah, i finally remembered my camera....)

anywhoo, i have to get to bed. i don't know how good a night's sleep it's going to be with sarah aka 1 am sleepwalker having a "sleepover" in my bed but its worth i'd say it's almost worth it just for the cuteness factor. and because the sooner i get to sleep, the sooner i get to wake up and meet my newest nephew who is in the process of being born as i type. yay!

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